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So excited to announce the release of the updated Recognizing Resilience parent and caregiver workbook and the new Collaborating with Caregivers practitioner workbook. Both resources celebrate family inclusion, collaborative practice and compassion in substance use programming. 

Visit my new website for more information on the Recognizing Resilience group and how to enhance partnerships with parents and caregivers involved in helping services. 

Much gratitude to the Drug Treatment Funding Program for supporting the development of both these resources!

Navigating Change

Change is constant and ongoing. Change is never NOT happening. Change is complex.

The Fall season is my favorite. I love the crisp air and startling beautiful contrast of yellow, orange, and red leaves. I find myself energized as I try to take in every sunny moment before the earth prepares to begin it’s long and dark Winter slumber. For me, Fall is also a stark demonstration of change. The sudden onset of the season, post hot and dusty summer, reminds me of the constant nature of change and also the more jarring impacts of sudden change.

Change can be brilliantly invigorating, promising new adventures, experiences, and life transitions. AND change can be incredibly scary, presenting uncertainty, instability, confusion, and chaos. Change is often not one or the other--both the exhilaration of something new can go hand in hand with the fear of not knowing what’s to come. We are always engaged in a change process.  Whether we are shifting with the changing seasons, welcoming a new family member, starting a new career, adjusting to the loss of a loved one, committing to a new eating or exercise regime, ending a relationship, leaving a familiar home, or processing a diagnosis. Regardless of what changes we face, human beings demonstrate tremendous resiliency in our ongoing and endless efforts to shift, adjust, and adapt.

Moving forward into this lovely autumn week, consider your own experiences of change. Think of a time when you faced a difficult change. Think of a time when you were very proud of the various ways you handled adversity and moved beyond what you thought was your capacity to shift and adjust.

What was happening? Who was involved? What was it that allowed you to overcome this difficult change? What have you come to value the most about your own ability to navigate the major changes you have encountered in your life’s journey so far?


West Coast Counselling

West Coast Counselling

While visiting a remote community on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, I came across this intriguing concept. This phone booth confessional adds a whole new dimension to tele-counselling! 

There are many unique resources through which we might find reprieve and comfort--a walk on the beach, coffee with a friend, creating art, playing music, etc. Whether it be through solitary outlets or relational encounters, it can be very helpful to find opportunities that allow us to acknowledge the sometimes unhelpful narratives we reluctantly shoulder. Finding a way to internally or externally voice the stories influencing our experiences of self, or our engagment in the world around us, can be both therapeutic and transformational!

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