"She is the author of the Recognizing Resilience group, a program for parent's of teens actively involved with alcohol and/or other drugs."



Stephanie McCune PhD, RCC

Dr. Stephanie McCune has been working as a counsellor for the past 15 years. She holds a PhD in Social Sciences from Tilburg University, The Netherlands, a Masters in Counselling Psychology and Bachelors of Social Work.  Stephanie has a specific interest in working with families, individuals, and groups influenced by substance use.  She is the author of the Recognizing Resilience group, a program for parents of teens actively involved with alcohol and/or other drugs and Collaborating with Carers, a workbook for practitioner, and Responses to Substance Use, a resource for helping professionals.  

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Stephanie places tremendous importance on the wisdom and insider knowledge of the people she works with. She emphasizes collaboration and mutual efforts to address expressed interests and ideas of concern and change. Stephanie values the inclusion of families in service and has completed training to specialize in this area of her practice.

Stephanie is also very keen on her role facilitating and hosting professional development and knowledge exchange events. Stephanie promotes helping practices and approaches that foster compassion, inclusion and partnership, and address the stigma, shame and isolation often encountered by people affected by mental health and substance use.

She has developed literature for the Province of British Columbia to support parents and caregivers affected by substance use and is excited to release a new book in the Fall of 2015 written to aid direct service provider’s in their efforts to integrate collaborative group approaches for people accessing substance use programming.

Stephanie is very interested in research, specifically research that privileges the voices of those often not heard in the helping field (families, caregivers, practitioners). Stephanie teaches at Vancouver Island University in the Faculty of Health and Human Services.  

Collaborating with Carers

Collaborating with Carers

To connect with Stephanie please email shorelinetherapygroup@gmail.com