Our counsellors collaborate with you in order to develop a plan that best suits your unique needs and personal goals for change. 



What We Do

Shoreline counsellors are available to help you understand challenges and triumphs in your life while strengthening your capacity to make changes. We are confident that people do best by working out their own decisions and see therapy as a process to support this. Whether you would like to meet with a counsellor to address anxiety, problematic substance use, depression or self-esteem concerns, are in need of family or couples counselling, anger management tools or an LGBTQ friendly therapist, one of us may be able to help.  

At Shoreline Therapy Group we offer individual, family, couple, and group counseling options. We provide the opportunity for you to access one time counselling sessions, on-going counselling session, office-based, and/or online(e-counseling) options.

In order to meet the diverse needs and schedules of many clientele, we provide e-counselling, and telephone therapy options. E-counseling involves the provision of therapy services via the Internet. Such services can be offered through email or Skype technology. E-counselling or telephone therapy, is an excellent alternative for people who are unable to come into the Shoreline office, or who would prefer to access support through the comfort and privacy of their own office or home. The growing body of research into e-counselling suggests that the efficacy is at least equal to traditional in-office settings. Further, e-counselling is can be more accessible to those unable to attend office settings during traditional office hours